Is the Sea Ground 300 Vintage collection Made in Germany?

Yes, the entire Sea Ground 300 Vintage collection is Made in Germany and is produced in Würzburg.

What is the difference between the Ocean King and Sea Ground 300 collection?

The Ocean King has a stainless steel bezel insert compared to aluminum or ceramic on the Sea Ground 300 models. While the Sea Ground collection is a classic diving watch, the Ocean King is also classified as a classic sailing-regatta watch in addition to being a diving watch.

What is the difference between the Sea Ground 300 Vintage and the other Sea Ground 300 collections?

The Vintage design is mainly characterized by the Swiss Super-LumiNova Old Radium luminous material on the dial and hands. The other Sea Ground 300 collections use BGW9 luminous material instead of Old Radium. In addition, the minute scale on the dial is different and the Vintage models do not have a date.

Which bracelets fit the models?

All leather straps with a width of 22mm as well as the metal bracelet, which is mounted on the watches as standard.

Are the watches tested for accuracy?

All Made in Germany watches are individually tested for accuracy and finely regulated.

Is the strap length suitable for your arm?

Basically, we recommend that all adjustments to the bracelet should only be carried out by a specialist retailer.
If you are wondering whether the strap length of our watches is suitable for your arm, we have a guideline for you here:
- Sea Ground 300 Vintage with stainless steel bracelet: Fits an arm circumference between 17.5 and 21.5 cm.

The specifications are only guidelines, since the symmetries of the arm are different for everyone and therefore there can be deviations.
All stainless steel bracelets can be extended by additional links as desired. Unfortunately, it is not possible to shorten the bracelets below the specified value of 17.5 cm. If you specify your arm circumference when ordering, we will be happy to adjust the bracelet to the correct length already.