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With the help of a modern method of coating (the so-called PVD coating) can give the watches the remarkable look. The technology of an automatic movement is also a technical feat. An automatic movement works completely without a battery. Through movement, a spiral spring in the movement winds up and through many small parts and gears, the hands are driven. Very beautiful to look at is the gliding movement of the second hand.

An automatic watch for men in black is and remains a timeless accessory that stands out from other watches in design and color scheme, but is still inconspicuous and fits many occasions. GIGANDET proves elegance and style with the black automatic watches for men. If you are interested in such a watch, it is worth looking at the collections of GIGANDET. The right watch is already waiting for you.



Why should you buy an automatic watch?

There are numerous reasons to buy an automatic watch.
For one, it counts as a mechanical masterpiece that is powered completely independently of energy sources such as batteries. Only the movement by hand brings the watch to life.
Another point is the environmental aspect. The watches could also be called the most sustainable watches in the world, as there is no disposal of batteries or rare earths. The famous quote of the watch legend J.C. Biver "A product for eternity" could not better fit the description of an automatic watch.
Finally, the mechanical watches meet the current zeitgeist and are overall more valuable and stable in price than quartz watches.

What should be considered with automatic watches?

If the watch is to lie for a longer period of time, it must be wound manually. How long a watch can rest without stopping depends on the so-called power reserve. Depending on the movement, this is between 40 and 120 hours.
Every 5 years we recommend a revision. As with all mechanical devices, wear and tear of individual parts can also occur with automatic watches. To prevent this, a regular revision is useful.
A repair is almost unlimited possible and almost all parts can be replaced. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the accuracy of an automatic watch is lower than that of a quartz watch.

What is the difference between an automatic and a quartz watch?

- An automatic watch is powered completely autonomously by the movement of the arm, while the quartz watch is powered by a battery
- Mechanical watch has much longer life and can be repaired, while the battery-powered watch shows the time more accurately and is less worth repairing
- As a rule, automatic watches are more expensive than quartz watches, because more manual work is involved in the production and the movement is much more elaborate and complex