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Chronographs for men - On land, on water and in the air.

GIGANDET's men's chronographs are designed in many imaginable ways, some taking their cues from timeless designs, but also offering unique looks. The diving chronographs of the AQUAZONE collection are equipped with a rotating bezel and are thus directly recognizable as a sporty diving watch. With the matching and comfortable silicone strap, the men's diving watch is perfect for diving. This is possible without any problems due to the high water resistance of 100m. The XXL diving watches are available in black and white as well as in blue or orange. If you like it more discreet, you can reach for a classic and timeless pilot watch from the RED BARON series. The designs of pilot watches and pilot chronographs have been popular for decades. The popularity is due to the aesthetic appearance and functionality. High contrasts, large numerals and superluminova allow quick reading of the time. A large crown facilitates the operation. Another category in which GIGANDET men's chronographs are available are men's watches in sporty racing design. This includes, for example, the RACE KING line. With the help of the tachymeter scale, which can be found either directly on the bezel or on the dial, you can, via the stop hand, read off speeds. In addition to the sporty looking watches, you will also find enough watches that look more discreet. For the formal evening event, these watches are particularly suitable. The watches with a leather strap look the most stylish. Stainless steel straps are solid and are especially suitable for the casual look.

Men's chronographs for every taste

The design of chronographs is diverse. Whether light or dark, colorful or rather restrained, these men's watches from GIGANDET are suitable for many occasions and events. Especially in everyday life, small color accents on the wrist are a nice accentuation for the entire outfit. Even specimens that are completely black have their charm. With small colored details, you can enjoy every time you look at the men's watch. Bar indexes emphasize the minimalism and unobtrusive appearance of chronographs. If you want something more extravagant, there are watches with Roman numerals to choose from.

The small subdials in the center of the watch are also called totalizers. They are an indicator for the stop minute, or stop second, or can also serve as a 24h indicator. Some watches have a central hand that stops the seconds and only moves when the stop function is started. The running seconds can be seen by a small hand. The arrangement and number of small subdials vary depending on the model. The stop function is started by pressing the upper pusher. Pressing it again stops the time. You reset the hands by pressing the lower pusher. Both the pushers and the case can have different designs. Sometimes the pushers stick out, sometimes they are almost integrated into the case. They are either round or square and designed to match the design of the watch case. They can also give contrast to the rest of the watch by using different colors. Chronographs with a 70s vintage design have a nostalgic feel. With the oval case and the markings on the dial, SUPERGRAPH models are in keeping with the spirit of the era.

A chronograph is a watch for many situations in life. Every watch collector should have one in his collection. All materials used at GIGANDET are of outstanding quality. The watches are subjected to extensive quality control. With the 316L stainless steel case and the screwed case backs, the watches defy various environmental influences. Also special coatings in black or gold make the watches look noble. The date display is cleverly positioned on all watches and does not cross with the totalizers. Chronographs are watches that can be worn in everyday life and on the job, as well as for sports or formal events. Take a look at the chronographs from GIGANDET and examine all models. For sure you will find the right watch for you.

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What does chronograph mean?

Literally translated, chronograph means "time recorder", i.e. the time elapsed from a starting point is measured.
Thus, it is a kind of stopwatch. Depending on the movement, time can be measured by hours, minutes, seconds, tenths of a second, etc.

How does a chronograph work?

A chronograph is basically a 3-hand watch. In addition to the hour and minute hands, the third hand is thus responsible for measuring time. True chronographs have a central stop second hand. Depending on the movement, the watch has 1- or 2-pushers for the stop function, which can also be used to measure intermediate times.
Important to distinguish are the different counters on the dial:
- Telemeter (distance meter)
- Tachymeter (speedometer)
- Pulsometer (heart rate monitor)

So, depending on the use of the watch, attention should be paid to the counting function of the subdials to ensure that it serves the right purpose.