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The high quality diving watch for men

The SEA GROUND and OCEAN KING models are equipped with a solid stainless steel bracelet. The bracelet consists of individual links that can be easily removed. Thus, the bracelet is adjustable in size. The bracelets are equipped with a diving extension. This allows the stainless steel bracelet to be extended easily, quickly and flexibly as needed. This makes it possible for the watch to be worn over a diving suit.

The cases of the watches are made of 316L stainless steel. Cases and straps of models from the SEA GROUND collection are also available in gold or bicolor (PVD coated). In addition to the classic black dial, you can also choose a model with a blue dial or many other color variants. Extraordinary are the dials with an anthracite, blue or green sunburst in the OCEAN KING collection. The wide range of color options means there is a watch to suit every style and taste. The ceramic bezel of the SEA GROUND Ceramic is absolutely scratch-resistant and on the 12 o'clock position of the bezel there is a luminous point filled with Super-LumiNova luminous material from the Swiss company RC Tritec AG. Thus, nothing stands in the way of readability in the dark. The bezel of the OCEAN KING is made of stainless steel. There, the numerals are precisely milled. The bezels can be turned counterclockwise on one side with 120 clicks. Due to the non-slip design of the diving bezel, it can be turned without slipping off and even with gloves.

Every single watch undergoes extensive quality control. This includes a water resistance test and checking the accuracy in several positions. Due to the water resistance of 300 m, you can wear the diving watches during a dive without hesitation. Due to the screw-down crown and the robust construction of the case, the watches are tough and resistant to many environmental influences and offer high shock resistance. The crown is also separately protected from shocks by a crown protector on the case.

Completely without battery: diving watch with automatic movement

Inside the watch is an automatic movement. This is protected by a screwed case back made of stainless steel. The watch winds itself through movement on the wrist and thus runs without a battery. To keep the watch running and not stop, you do not have to wear it permanently. The automatic movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours. The high production standards of the movements ensure precise accuracy. The rate values are checked in the course of quality assurance after installation and, if necessary, the watches are regulated individually for an exact time display.

The installed movements are known for their longevity and are accordingly a perfect match for the models. The attention to detail is highlighted by a decoration of the rotor. Furthermore, the movements are equipped with a date display. The magnifying glass placed on the sapphire crystal allows you to read the date without any problems. The quick date adjustment makes it easy to change the date of the day.

Good readability of the time, even in the dark, is ensured. The indices and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material. This luminescent material ensures that the time can always be read accurately. The afterglow effect lasts up to twelve hours. Likewise, the blue anti-reflective coating and double anti-reflective coating of the sapphire crystal ensures a clear view of the hands and dial. Sapphire glass has a very high degree of hardness and thus the glass is protected from scratches. Due to the safety folding clasp with double bow on the bracelet, the watch always sits firmly, yet comfortably on the wrist.

The right diving watch for every man

The SEA GROUND and OCEAN KING diving watches are the perfect companions for everyday wear and for vacations. With a water resistance of 300 m, you do not have to shy away from water. The design of the watches is stylish and timeless. Due to the manufacturing and quality testing in Germany, the watches from Gigandet may bear the seal "Made in Germany". This seal ensures the high quality of the watches. The outstanding quality of Gigandet watches is ensured by testing each watch individually. Although the diver's watch is designed for tougher use, it can also be worn well on formal occasions. In any case, the SEA GROUND and the OCEAN KING are eye-catchers at any event and in everyday life. Due to the different color variations, there is a suitable model for every taste. Convince yourself of the quality and functionality of the SEA GROUND and the OCEAN KING.

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What is a diver's watch?

According to DIN standard 8306, a diver's watch is characterized by special water resistance. The water resistance must be at least 20 bar or more. Here, a ten-meter water column corresponds to a pressure of 1 bar. For each additional ten meters, 1 bar is added. A diver's watch must also be easy to read under water. A high contrast on the dial and the luminous material on the hands and dial play a decisive role here. It must be possible to set the time period via a rotating bezel so that the diving time can be measured. For optimal readability, the bezel should also have a luminous point.

What should I look for in a diving watch?

- Good readability should be guaranteed
- The watch should have anti-reflective glass to avoid reflections under water
- The material used should be resistant to salt water
- After each dive the watch should be rinsed with fresh water
- A screw down crown and case back are essential to prevent water from entering the watch.
- The diving ring should only be able to be turned against the watch hand, so that incorrect diving times cannot occur during diving.
- The metal bracelet should have a safety clasp including dive extension