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Automatic watch for the water

Many models in the SEA GROUND, SEA GROUND 300 and OCEAN KING collections are equipped with a robust stainless steel bracelet. Stainless steel bracelets are not susceptible to corrosion and are comfortable to wear. The size of the bracelets is possible by removing the individual metal links. When choosing a band with a diver's extension on the deployment clasp, you can adjust the size even faster and wear the watch over a wetsuit. If you don't want a stainless steel band, you can choose a model with a textile band. Matching the color of the dial and a decorative contrast stitching, the textile strap also looks very sporty. The underside of the band is made of leather, making it comfortable to wear.

The case of the watches is also made of stainless steel. Both case and bracelets are available in gold or bicolor (PVD coated) for some models. For the colorful accent on your own outfit, the diving watches for men in the automatic versions offer various bright colors. Of course, the classic colors of black, blue and green are available. For the more extravagant, you can reach for the models G404-003M or G404-004M from the OCEAN KING collection. The dial of the watches is adorned by blue and green colors, respectively, in a dazzling sunburst finish. For those who like it more inconspicuous, there is for example the model G2-010 of the SEA GROUND collection, which comes completely in black.

Scratch-resistant are especially the ceramic bezels of the diving watches with automatic movement for men. A luminous dot, filled with the luminous material Superluminova, on the 12 o'clock position always indicates how the bezel is set. The bezels can all be turned on one side. This is a safety feature, so as not to distort the timekeeping during dives. The men's watches in the OCEAN KING collection do not have a ceramic bezel. There, the bezels are milled by state-of-the-art CNC technology and the numerals are highlighted on the bezel. Due to the non-slip design of the bezels, they are very easy to operate without slipping and even with gloves.

All watches are subjected to quality control. The accuracy is tested in several layers to ensure that the watch runs precisely. Also, the water resistance, which is 300 meters, is subjected to testing to ensure that the watches are suitable for diving. The high water resistance is achieved, among other things, by the screw-down crown and the solid screw-down case cover. The crown is separately protected from shocks by the crown protector.

Exclusive movement and high quality

The men's watches are powered by an automatic movement. A battery is not necessary. Due to the built-in rotor, the watch winds itself through the movement on the wrist. All models offer a power reserve of up to 42 hours. This means that the wristwatch can be left for some time without stopping. The automatic movement is protected by the stainless steel caseback, which is embossed with GIGANDET's trademark sailing ship. High standards in production already allow for high accuracy of the movements by design. The internal additional quality tests enable an even more precise rate.

The movements used are known for their robustness and longevity. Accordingly, they are excellent for the diving watches for men with automatic movement. The rotor of the movement is decorated with Geneva stripes. As a result, the movement acquires exclusivity. On the sapphire crystal, there is a magnifying glass above the date display, so you can read the date without any problems. The date can be easily adjusted by the quick adjustment.

The hands and the indices are covered with Superluminova luminous material. This luminescent material makes it easy to read the time even in the dark. The afterglow effect lasts up to twelve hours.

Quality and style

The SEA GROUND, SEA GROUND 300 and OCEAN KING collections are a good companion in any situation, and you don't always have to keep an eye on them - even if it's hard to take your eyes off the watches. Water, corrosion, shocks and other environmental influences do not bother the automatic diving watches for men. The "Made in Germany" seal and the extensive controls ensure the quality of the watches. In itself, the diving watches are designed for use in and around water, but just as well the watches can be worn in everyday life, on the job and other hobbies. Since each watch has a unique style, there is also a suitable model of automatic diving watch collections for you.

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What is a diver's watch?

According to DIN standard 8306, a diver's watch is characterized by special water resistance. The water resistance must be at least 20 bar or more. Here, a ten-meter water column corresponds to a pressure of 1 bar. For each additional ten meters, 1 bar is added. A diver's watch must also be easy to read under water. A high contrast on the dial and the luminous material on the hands and dial play a decisive role here. It must be possible to set the time period via a rotating bezel so that the diving time can be measured. For optimal readability, the bezel should also have a luminous point.

What should I look for in a diving watch?

- Good readability should be guaranteed
- The watch should have anti-reflective glass to avoid reflections under water
- The material used should be resistant to salt water
- After each dive the watch should be rinsed with fresh water
- A screw down crown and case back are essential to prevent water from entering the watch.
- The diving ring should only be able to be turned against the watch hand, so that incorrect diving times cannot occur during diving.
- The metal bracelet should have a safety clasp including dive extension