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Diver watches can withstand a lot, they are waterproof, resistant to many physical and also chemical effects and they simply look incredibly good. In addition to the robust case and resistant bracelet, the hard and highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is another reason for the insensitivity of diving watches.

Without further treatments, the sapphire crystal would reflect. To ensure that the time can still be easily read, the sapphire crystals of the SEA GROUND 300 and OCEAN KING models have a blue anti-reflective coating and double anti-reflective coating. A crystal-clear view can thus be granted of the dial. Those who choose one of the sporty diving watches from GIGANDET with sapphire crystal will be able to enjoy a wristwatch that is suitable for many situations in life for a long time. The watch glass is spared from scratches and you will be able to admire the watch for a very long time as a result.

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What is a diver's watch?

According to DIN standard 8306, a diver's watch is characterized by special water resistance. The water resistance must be at least 20 bar or more. Here, a ten-meter water column corresponds to a pressure of 1 bar. For each additional ten meters, 1 bar is added. A diver's watch must also be easy to read under water. A high contrast on the dial and the luminous material on the hands and dial play a decisive role here. It must be possible to set the time period via a rotating bezel so that the diving time can be measured. For optimal readability, the bezel should also have a luminous point.

What should I look for in a diving watch?

- Good readability should be guaranteed
- The watch should have anti-reflective glass to avoid reflections under water
- The material used should be resistant to salt water
- After each dive the watch should be rinsed with fresh water
- A screw down crown and case back are essential to prevent water from entering the watch.
- The diving ring should only be able to be turned against the watch hand, so that incorrect diving times cannot occur during diving.
- The metal bracelet should have a safety clasp including dive extension