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The German Pilot's Watch

Already at the beginning of the last century pilot watches were developed. The dial of these watches is usually simple in design. Thus, one can quickly read the time with a glance. This allows you to continue to focus on flying and a distraction for this complex task is reduced. Because of its simple operation, the pilot's watch has long been the perfect instrument for timekeeping in aviation. Both aviation fans and watch enthusiasts will enjoy the RED BARON collection. To increase readability in dark lighting conditions, hands and numerals on some models are coated with Superluminova luminous material. This luminescent material makes it possible to read the time even in dark visibility conditions. In addition, the hardened watch glass has an anti-reflective coating.

High contrasts between hands and dial are a hallmark of pilot watches. However, for a more modern look, you can also choose watches that are completely black. But other colors are also selectable, such as green, blue or white. The well-known dial variations of the classic German pilot watch are called "Baumuster A" and "Baumuster B". These dial designs have been in use on pilot watches for decades. With large numerals, a clear triangular marker at twelve o'clock, and an optional inner ring with index numerals, the pilot's watch for men is an attractive piece of jewelry.

The watches with the popular and well-known design of the dial (Baumuster A and Baumuster B) have the bezel of the watch coined. The "onion crown", as the crown is often titled because of its shape, is another historical detail. The reason the crown is so large is so that it can be easily grasped and operated. Above all, this makes it easier to operate when wearing gloves. All watches in the RED BARON collection are equipped with either a milanese bracelet or a leather strap. Many of the genuine leather straps have decorative stitching or rivets. These details correspond to the original pilot watches and come close to the originals from the last century. The milanese bracelet gives the men's watches a classy and stylish look.

Pilot watch for men - authentic and modern

The present and the past are well brought together in the pilot watches of the RED BARON collection. With modern technology and modern movements, these timeless watches are brought into the modern era. The cases of all watches are made of 316L stainless steel. This metal ensures robustness and durability. Citizen-Miyota movements are built into all watches. These movements are known for longevity and enjoy great popularity worldwide. And this applies to both quartz and automatic movements. All movements have a high accuracy. Thus, a precise time display is ensured.

Another technical development, and a great feature, is the very high water resistance of 100m or 10bar. For pilot watches as well as for chronographs, this very high water resistance is exceptionally good. Thus, it is possible to wear the RED BARON watches even when swimming. This is very unusual for pilot watches. The telemeter and tachymeter scales on the chronographs are perfect indicators to easily measure distances and speeds. All watches are also equipped with a date function.

The RED BARON collection offers many designs, materials and functions. The shape and feel of the historical models are accurately reproduced. As a result, the men's watches have their own unique charm. Although the watches are not from the last century, they capture the spirit of the times. If you choose a watch from the RED BARON collection, you will wear a piece of history on your wrist, which may survive into the next century.



What makes a pilot watch?
Pilot watches have a great historical character and originally come from the time when there were no navigation devices when flying. In addition to reading the time, it was also possible to determine the points of the compass. Pilot watches are relatively large in proportion, so that the pilot can easily read the time during the flight. Due to the thick leather jackets worn in the historical times, the watches often have longer straps.