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Easy readability is one of the most important features of the pilot watch. A clear dial and clearly drawn numerals ensure that you can always read the time without any problems. If it gets dark, reading is still possible because the watch's numerals and hands are covered with C3 superluminova. This luminescent material makes the watch shine in the dark. Another special feature of the mechanical pilot watches from GIGANDET is the high water resistance of 100 meters. Thus, you can wear the pilot watch even under water.

The installed mechanical movements are of high quality and have a high accuracy. The time and date are set via the relatively large crown. The size of the crown makes it easier to grip and operate. A leather or metal bracelet is attached to all pilot watches. Leather straps, in particular, provide a true vintage feel. Throughout history, pilot watches have played an important role. Even if you are not a pilot, you will like the mechanical pilot watches from GIGANDET. With them you wear a piece of history on your arm.



What makes a pilot watch?
Pilot watches have a great historical character and originally come from the time when there were no navigation devices when flying. In addition to reading the time, it was also possible to determine the points of the compass. Pilot watches are relatively large in proportion, so that the pilot can easily read the time during the flight. Due to the thick leather jackets worn in the historical times, the watches often have longer straps.