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Automatic Watches for Ladies and Gents

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How do I know which automatic watch is right for me?

First, you should determine whether your watch will be worn for everyday wear or will serve specific purposes, such as recreational diving, flying, or both. Diving watches can be found in our SEA GROUND and OCEAN KING collections. All these automatic watches have the features necessary for a successful dive:

  • Water resistance: up to 300 m/30 bar due to solid case back and screw-down crown
  • Safety and comfort: bracelet with diving extension for wearing over the diving suit and safety folding clasp for guaranteed hold
  • In the dark: luminescent hands with high-quality Superluminova for hours of glow
  • The bezel: as with any real diver's watch, the bezel is unidirectional to ensure safe time control

If you are interested in a pilot's watch, you can choose from various models of the RED BARON collection. No matter if you want to fly high or if you are just looking for an elegant men's watch, with one of our models you will always cut a fine figure. In the past, pilot watches were an indispensable tool of any navigator on board the aircraft and had to have the following main characteristics:

  • Quick visibility: a high-contrast dial and large watch case to see every detail in seconds
  • Anti-reflective: matte colors and anti-reflective glass to prevent the reflection of incident light
  • Shock resistance: a resistant case and tempered scratch-resistant glass


Now that the decision has been made on what type of watch you would like to get, you are faced with the next question: what should your watch look like? Our automatic watches for men convince in a variety of designs and materials, always of the highest quality. Classic and elegant If you are looking for watches that can be worn on any occasion without being ordinary, you should take a look at the SEA GROUND 300 G300-013M. This diver's watch is a creation of silver stainless steel and a jet black dial. The picture is completed by luminescent hands and a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which provides extra protection against scratches. Among the pilot watches from Gigandet, the RED BARON III - G16-008 and RED BARON III - G16-004 are among the timelessly convincing models. With their respective white and black dials and classic black bracelets, these models will reliably accompany you whether in the skies or on the ground. With a power reserve of 42 hours, they have a particularly long life, even when the watch is taken off frequently.

Make a statement with our automatic watches for men

Do you like a certain extravagance, without distracting from the most important thing, namely yourself, you will find in our collections. Choose from automatic watches in gold stainless steel and navy blue dial like the SEA GROUND 300 G30-019M or the SEA GROUND 300 G300-003, an elegant yet sporty version with a khaki textile strap and green dial. The distinctive feature of this model is the underside of the strap made of leather, which is highly durable and provides great grip. With water resistance up to 300 m/30 bar, this is a powerful diver's watch.


For unique moments of nostalgia, our men's pilot watches from the RED BARON collection. Paying homage to the early days of classic pilot watch models, you'll find special pieces in a variety of finishes. Choose from black and brown leather straps, as well as elegant silver and black stainless steel bracelets. If you are looking for a very special vintage model, the RED BARON l G8-011 is recommended. This watch in vintage design is the only one with gold lettering and gold hands on a black background. With an automatic watch, you are not just wearing a fashion accessory or a utility item on your wrist, you are driving a living mechanism with a complex operation with your own movements. Like Everything That Lives, the automatic watch is not silent. The steady ticking is proof of this. Through regular revision and careful handling, your favorite model will accompany you for a lifetime.

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Why should you buy an automatic watch?

There are numerous reasons to buy an automatic watch.
For one, it counts as a mechanical masterpiece that is powered completely independently of energy sources such as batteries. Only the movement by hand brings the watch to life.
Another point is the environmental aspect. The watches could also be called the most sustainable watches in the world, as there is no disposal of batteries or rare earths. The famous quote of the watch legend J.C. Biver "A product for eternity" could not better fit the description of an automatic watch.
Finally, the mechanical watches meet the current zeitgeist and are overall more valuable and stable in price than quartz watches.

What should be considered with automatic watches?

If the watch is to lie for a longer period of time, it must be wound manually. How long a watch can rest without stopping depends on the so-called power reserve. Depending on the movement, this is between 40 and 120 hours.
Every 5 years we recommend a revision. As with all mechanical devices, wear and tear of individual parts can also occur with automatic watches. To prevent this, a regular revision is useful.
A repair is almost unlimited possible and almost all parts can be replaced. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the accuracy of an automatic watch is lower than that of a quartz watch.

What is the difference between an automatic and a quartz watch?

- An automatic watch is powered completely autonomously by the movement of the arm, while the quartz watch is powered by a battery
- Mechanical watch has much longer life and can be repaired, while the battery-powered watch shows the time more accurately and is less worth repairing
- As a rule, automatic watches are more expensive than quartz watches, because more manual work is involved in the production and the movement is much more elaborate and complex